ATTACK SHARK L80 Ultra-Light Tri-Mode Gaming Headset

Lightweight Wireless Gaming Headset for PC/PS4/PS5/Switch/Xbox

• Tri-Mode connection:Bluetooth 5.3/2.4Ghz/Wired
• 180g Ultra-light Design
• 2-in-1 Type C and USB A 2.4Ghz receiver
• 40mm speaker drivers and 600mAh large battery
• Detachable noise-canceling microphone
• Comfortable and breathable mesh eramuffs

Sale price$29.99

Color Name: White
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  • Tri-Mode Connection: 

  • The L80 PS5 headset seamlessly switches between Bluetooth, wireless, and wired connections. This wireless gaming over-ear headset is compatible with Switch, Xbox, PS4, PS5, PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. ⚠️Note: Double-click to switch between Bluetooth and 2.4G Mode.
  • 2.4GHz Ultra-Low Latency:

  • Equipped with 2.4GHz dongles (USB-A and Type-C), this PS4 gaming headset utilizes advanced lightspeed wireless transmission technology, with a transmission range of up to 33ft (10m), providing high-performance, low-latency 2.4G connectivity with response times as low as approximately 20ms, offering gamers the freedom and immersive experience they crave.
  • 40mm Driver Unit & Large Capacity Battery:

  • Immerse yourself in the gaming world with our Bluetooth gaming headset featuring powerful 40mm speaker drivers and a large diaphragm for precise game sound reproduction, capturing every detail, including footsteps and gunshots from all angles. With a 600mAh battery, enjoy up to 50 hours of gameplay (at 50% volume) and only a 3-hour charging time for a full charge.
  • Omni-Directional Noise-Canceling Microphone: 

  • The USB gaming headphones feature a detachable, flexible, omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone, adjustable to 360° for effortless teammate communication. You can also answer and hang up calls at any time. Click the microphone button and there will be a voice prompt indicating whether the microphone is on.
  • Comfortable & Lightweight Design: 

  • This wireless headset features ultra-soft and breathable memory protein foam with mesh earmuffs, an adjustable headband which fits various head shapes, and a super lightweight (180 grams) design providing a comfortable fit. It relieves you from ear pressure, head discomfort, and sweating when you play games or enjoy music for long periods.
  • Q&A

  • Can it be connected to Xbox?
    Only a wired connection is possible. The volume cannot be adjusted using the headset; it can only be adjusted through the controller.

  • Can it be connected to PS4/PS5?
    Wired Mode: Can connect, but the volume can only be adjusted through the controller, not the headset buttons.
    2.4GHz Mode: Can connect,the volume can be adjusted through the headset buttons.
    Bluetooth Mode: Cannot connect.

  • Can it be connected to Switch?
    Wired mode can be connected, but the volume can only be adjusted through the controller, not by the headset button;
    2.4Ghz and Bluetooth mode can be connected,and the volume can be adjusted through the headset.

Technical Specifications

Light Weight
40mm driver unit
Tri-Mode connection
Bluetooth; 3.5mm jack
Wireless Transmission Range
10 meters/33ft
breathable memory foam with mesh earmuffs
Applicable Equipment


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
They are fine/ están bien por el precio

Por el precio están bien. El material del cual está hecho es muy barato, no cruje ni parece romperse con facilidad pero podría ser mejor aunque subiese el precio un poco más. Si tienes orejas grandes puede que tras usarlos 2 horas o más te comiencen a doler porque las orejeras no son muy grandes/profundas aunque te llegas a costumbrar

Tal vez puedas conseguirte algo mejor por un poco más de dinero.

Respecto al sonido suenan muy bien, tienen buen volumen y al estar al máximo no suenan mal como audífonos chinos promedio, eso si, puede que suenen un poco llanos cuando están a tope. Ojalá saquen un software y poder ecualizarlo. Aíslan bien el sonido. Tampoco esperes algo Hi-Fi o similar por este precio.

Por su precio están bien o puede que más que eso.
For the price they are good. The material it is made of is very cheap, it doesn't creak or seem to break easily but it could be better even if the price were raised a little more. If you have big ears, after wearing them for 2 hours or more, they may start to hurt because the earmuffs are not very big/deep, although you get used to them.

Maybe you can get something better for a little more money.

Regarding the sound, they sound very good, they have good volume and when they are at maximum they do not sound bad like average Chinese headphones, although they may sound a little flat when they are at maximum. I hope they release software and be able to equalize it. They isolate sound well. Don't expect anything Hi-Fi or similar for this price either.

For their price they are good or maybe more than that. YouTube video placeholder