ATTACK SHARK K85 Rapid Trigger Keyboard Magnetic Switch

75% Wired Rapid Trigger Keyboard With Magnetic Switch, Support RT/DKS/MT/TGL

• Adjustable Actuation Point, From 0.2mm To 3.8mm
• Rapid Trigger Tech, Removes Any Delay
• Dynamic Keystrokes(DKS), Multiple Actions, One Keystroke
• Deadzone Setting & On-board Memory
• Gasket Mount & Gorgeous RGB Backlight

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Color Name: Grey
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  • 82 Keys ANSI Layout & Double-shot PBT Keycaps

  • This compact tkl keyboard features the popular 75% percent layout, strikes the perfect balance between functionality and compactness. Unlike 60% keyboard or full-sized ones like the K70 MAX, it preserves essential keys, while optimizing desk space. In addition, made with high-quality PBT material, the keycaps promise durability, resisting the oily shine that can develop over time.

  • Adjustable Actuation Point

  • The entire K85 keyboard is equipped with fully adjustable OUTEMU Hall magnetic switch, enabling you to set every key’s actuation point from 0.2mm to 3.8mm in 0.1mm steps, putting you in control for fast keypresses or ultra-accurate typing. At the same time you can use the key combination FN+1~4 to switch between Comfort, Sensitive, Game and Custom modes.
  •  Rapid Trigger Tech

  • Rapid Trigger removes any delay caused by the physical movement of the switch. Instead of relying on a fixed actuation like traditional mechanical keyboards, it immediately activates and deactivates the key with minimal travel for seamless continuous keystrokes, which gives players an advantage in FPS and rhythm games such as Valorant and osu!
  • Dynamic Keystrokes(DKS), Multiple Actions, One Keystroke

  • Assign four actions to a single key based on the depth of your press. For example, lightly press a key to walk forward in a game, and press deeper to run. Additionally, releasing the key also supports two-stage settings. This allows for smoother, personalized combinations that can give you an edge in competitive gaming. 
  • Deadzone Setting & On-board Memory

  • Deadzone represents an area that will not be triggered. You can customize the bottom deadzone according to your typing style and preferences, ensuring more precise releases. With on-board memory, Settings are stored on the hardware, and there is no need to keep the software on, just plug and play in a new PC with your saved settings. Save time to enjoy the games.
  • Gasket Mount & Gorgeous RGB Backlight

  • K85 features a gasket mount system, a sought-after design in the mechanical keyboard world. To suit the gasket mount better, the K85 has a PC plate that is more rebouncing than regular steel plates, presenting pleasing typing sounds. RGB backlit keyboard has 18 built-in RGB modes and 9 colors. Through driver software, the keyboard RGB mode and light color can be customized.
  • Reminder

  • Hall sensors are sensitive to temperature variations, resulting in potential significant changes to the magnetic field of the keyboard during transportation, influenced by temperature and environmental shifts. After receiving the keyboard, we recommend calibrating the keyboard manually in the software by going to 'About - Maximum stroke calibration - Start calibration'. (Driver Software:

Technical Specifications

Number of Keys
82 keys
Supported connections
USB-C Wired
Actuation Point
from 0.2mm to 3.8mm
Supported Features
Rapid Trigger (RT)
Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS)
Mod-Tap (MT)
Toggle Key (TGL)
Programmable RGB Backlit
Switches Type
OUTEMU Magnetic Switches(Linear)
Keycap materials
PBT Double-shot Keycaps
Supported devices
Web Driver
What's in the box
Keycap and Switches Puller*1

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sebastian Martinez
Muy bueno

Llevo ya una semana con el y puedo decir que es el mejor teclado que he provado. El rgb es muy bueno ya que bajo las keycaps tiene una capa que difumina muy bien los leds, pero me hubiera gustado que las keycaps fueran traslucidas. Los switches tienen una sensación increíble y un sonido muy limpio. El software es bastante fácil de entender aunque no se encuentre en español y cuenta con apartados donde se pueden copiar las configuraciones de otros usuarios (Ya sea de modo de rgb o de macros)
El envio a colombia se tardo al rededor de 15 dias.


I have always bought products from well-known brands, I was very hesitant to buy and try a magnetic keyboard from this brand, but I can tell you that: overall it is very well made, easy to use software, and very, very responsive. If you want a keyboard that competes with the "MOST" in the world but spend very little, don't doubt Attack Shark.