ATTACK SHARK Aluminum Alloy Wrist Rest with Partition Storage Case

2-in-1 CNC Aluminum Alloy Acrylic Wrist Rest & Storage Tray

• Four chambers to organize keyboard accessories and small items neatly.
• CNC aluminum alloy shell with anti-slip pads, and acrylic top covers.
• Two interchangeable acrylic top covers provide different combinations.
• Easy to Clean, Simple to Maintain.
• Tilt design reduces wrist strain during extended use.
• Available in 60%, 65%, and TKL layout keyboards.

Sale price$47.99

Color Name: Black
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  • Practical Partition Storage Tray: 

  • The wrist rest boasts four integrated storage chambers meticulously crafted to keep your keyboard accessories neatly organized and conveniently accessible. Safely store keycaps, keycap pullers, USB drives, and other diminutive items, ensuring a tidy and efficient workspace tailored for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.
  • Premium CNC Aluminum Alloy Shell:

  • This wrist pad for keyboard boasts a durable CNC aluminum alloy shell that exudes a sleek, modern aesthetic. It's perfect for elevating your desk setup with a touch of elegance and sophistication, suitable for both office and home environments. Additionally, weighing 0.8KG and equipped with anti-slip pads, it firmly secures to your desk, ensuring stability during use.
  • Two Interchangeable Acrylic Top Covers:

  • This wrist rest support for computer keyboard provides options for personalization with two switchable acrylic top covers, adding a decorative touch. In addition to the standard ripple-textured cover, each of the four variants (black, pink, red, silver) comes with a distinct alternative: black with carbon fiber film-coated acrylic lid, pink with gradient-dyed semi-translucent acrylic lid, and silver and red with clear acrylic lid.
  • Ergonomic Comfort for Extended Use:

  • Engineered with an ergonomic design, this desk hand rest features a gentle tilt, promoting natural wrist alignment to reduce strain and fatigue during prolonged typing or gaming sessions. It's the perfect accessory for enhancing comfort and productivity, whether you're working or gaming.
  • Stable Non-Slip Base and Perfect Size:

  • Compatible with 60%, 65%, and TKL gaming keyboards, this palm rest measures 33x8x1.5cm (13x3.15x0.6 inches) and is available in black, pink, silver, and red. The stable non-slip base, featuring silicone gel for added grip, ensures steady placement on any desk surface, providing consistent support for your mechanical keyboard and desktop setup.

Technical Specifications

Aluminum Alloy
Desktop Partition Storage Case
CNC Precision Machining
Acrylic Top Cover Style
Black: ripple-textured acrylic lid + carbon fiber film-coated acrylic lid
Pink: ripple-textured acrylic lid + gradient-dyed semi-translucent acrylic lid
Silver: ripple-textured acrylic lid + clear acrylic lid
Red: ripple-textured acrylic lid + clear acrylic lid
Applicable Scenarios
Wrist Rest Size
68 Keys(33*8*1.3cm)
Suitable Keyboard Size
and TKL keyboards Layout Keyboard

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